• Splash-greg
    Greg Burton (CEO of UBsports) - Sailing (Ex Maxi Boat Bowman), Squash (#2 in Nation in 1992, current top 20 in Masters), Fencing (Recruited to Penn): Coached tennis, skiing, fencing, squash and soccer
  • Splash-lydia
    Lydia Kopecky - #9 Ranked Epee Fencer in the US, on US National Team, likely competitor in 2016 Olympic Games: Currently on United States National Team.
  • Splash-savannah
    Savannah Graybill - Skeleton (#1 in US, plans for US Team in 2018), Field Hockey (High School, College and pro player)
  • Splash-jeffrion
    Jeffrion Aubry - NBA D-League/USA, Spain, Arg, PR, Pol Mex, Dom Rep, Ven, Urug, Swi, Peru: 8-time Champion (Puerto Rico, Mexico), NBA D-League All-League honorable mention, BSN All Defensive Team, Two-time BSN All-League, Five-time BSN All-Star, and Three-time Defensive Player of the Year (PBL-USA, BSN-PR)
  • Splash-colin
    Colin Coughlin - Silver medalist in the 2015 Lake Placed trials, hopeful for the 2018 Olympic Games: Professional Fitness Instructor when not training
  • Splash-carly
    Carly Shevitz - Current member of the US Sailing Team Sperry, training in 470’s for Rio 2016 . Recently participated in Olympic Test Regatta in 2014 in Brazil with top two teams from each country
  • Splash-baylee
    Baylee Annis - US Team Rugby Player, expected to play on the US Rubgy Team in the Olympic Rugby 7s Tournament. Also sits on the Board of VT Youth Rugby
  • Splash-matthew
    Matthew Cray Parker - US Olympic Team Competitor, Judo, 2012. National Champion in Judo. Currently training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Weightlifting