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  • Super Bowl Over, What's next?
    9 Feb 2015
    The Patriots won the Super bowl! Talk about an exciting game! Complain all you want, whine about stupid soft balls, cheating, rule-bending new receivers and flea flickers, the game was very exciting, with a bunch of just great football from start to finish, with the most amazing halftime show ever...and the refs, for the most part, really didn't play a factor. From the playoffs on in, you have to say that this was one of the most exciting and fair season ends in memory. Right down to the last interception with a few seconds left, making Butler, a rookie, a hero of the ... [read more]
  • The NEW UBsports LIVE Network
    9 Dec 2014
    Hey, thanks for being one of the first UBsports members to witness the new UBsports LIVE Network! We're LIVE. That says it all. For now, we'll update your Sports Life regularly. Give us some news, and you could be the headline! But as we grow, as more sports come online, as more Olympic and pro athletes grab the reins of their sports' SportsPortals, expect to see the whole wide world of UBsports LIVE! What a cool thing, to be in with the world of sports, minute by minute, worldwide! This is gonna rock!
  • SUPER BOWL WEEK And the world is going crazy! Will Brady and the Pats put their names in the record books? Will the Seahawks once again spoil the party? Tweet your guess to @UBsportsLIVE, and enter to win a Premiere Edition UBsports T Shirt!
  • Djokovic vs. Wawrinka 7:30 Eastern tonight (Thursday 1/29). If the hot Wawrinka and the hot Djokovic both show up, we're looking at a great Semi!
  • is growing! We just added two wellness/strength disciplines, TRX and Pilates. Please go check them out: Go into SportsPortals on your top bar, and sign up for them. UB Amazing! The UBsports Staff
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