UBsports & Youth

UBsports will continue to exceed COPPA standards in every way. UBsports’ Administration and Developers are sincerely and utterly committed to offering our youth the ultimate sports experience while also providing the absolute safest environment possible. This requires limiting access to some areas and content, limiting some activities that adults may enjoy, and providing the ability for parents and guardians to oversee and approve certain other activities and connections:

Adults of course have complete access to all public areas.

Restrictions for Children 15 years or below “Youth":
  • Youth members are viewed by the public (non-friends) as a code name and a blurred picture.
  • No personal details of this class of youth can be seen by the public (non-friends).
  • Membership must be approved by a parent or guardian within 14 days of joining.
  • Not permitted into public chats:
  • Permitted into private chats with coach or administrator of authorized group
  • Not permitted to see or view any A (Adult) content or video (possible foul language, injury, or inappropriate conduct)
  • Not permitted to see or view and U (Unrated) (unknown author or producer, unseen content) content or video, unless approved by parent or guardian, or recommended by the coach or administrator of a group to which they belong.
  • Friend requests must be approved by a parent or guardian.
  • Group membership requests must be approved by parent or guardian, unless:
    • If youth member joined UBsports through a roster of an authorized group:
      • In which case parent or Guardian has 14 days to approve

  • Restrictions for “UBTweens" between 15 and 18:
  • The default restrictions for “UBTweens" mimic Youth restrictions, unless they are granted adult privileges and access by their parents (“Unrestricted UBTweens”):
  • Unrestricted UBTween parents have full oversight of UBtweens’ activities, group memberships, friends, etc., but do not have to approve them.
  • Unrestricted UBTweens can watch and read any content on UBsports, but all activities will be accessible to parents or guardians.
  • Restricted UBTween parents must approve group memberships and friend requests, and need to separately toggle the level of content the UBTweens can experience.
  • Fully Unrestricted UBTweens have full access to the site as if they were adults, but all activities may be overseen by a parent or guardian.

  • DEVELOPERS’ NOTE: Sometimes, when we roll out various components, the security and safety practices that are built into these tools may not be completely set up, or there may be leaks in our security systems. If you find any problem such as this, please contact us at, and we will immediately get to work to correct the situation.