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Ambassador Content
  • [Squash] Pro Squash Returns after Winter Hiatus
    by Spencer Lovejoy on 8 Mar 2021
    With COVID numbers around the world spiking over the winter, there has not ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Hank Aaron, home run icon, dead at 86
    by Greg Burton on 22 Jan 2021
    Hank Aaron Transcended Baseball Like Few Ever Have—or Will. The ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] American Magic CAPSIZES! Rebuild in 12 days (!?!)
    by Greg Burton on 20 Jan 2021
    Thanks fo Sailing World online: By the time American Magic skipper, CEO a ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 10 Jan 2021
    Organised by COR 36, Challenger of Record, the PRADA Cup – the Challenger Se ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Houston Open 2020: Results and Reflections
    by Spencer Lovejoy on 4 Jan 2021
    Last week I competed in the Houston Open, a 3k professional event which to ... [read more]
  • [Squash] My morning routine and the importance of a morning routine for athletes
    by Spencer Lovejoy on 22 Dec 2020
    Many professional athletes have a morning routine, however, athletes of ... [read more]
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    by Milind Leslie on 27 Nov 2020
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    by Milind Leslie on 27 Nov 2020
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  • [Squash] Squash, The Long Game
    by Greg Burton on 20 Nov 2020
    by Soo Venkatesan, Chairperson of USSquash Soo Venkatesan shares refle ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Professional Squash Training During COVID-19
    by Spencer Lovejoy on 10 Nov 2020
    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, training to be a professional ... [read more]
  • [Squash] The Current State of Squash During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    by Spencer Lovejoy on 9 Nov 2020
    The current global health crisis has completely changed the scope of squ ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] New England Patriots cancel practice after positive COVID-19 test
    by Greg Burton on 16 Oct 2020
    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots have canceled their F ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] How Sports Can Help Rebuild America
    by Greg Burton on 14 Oct 2020
    Sports is dead. I don’t mean for the moment, this COVID-19 shutd ... [read more]
  • [Cycling] How to be a better cyclist in seven steps
    by Greg Burton on 9 Oct 2020
    Becoming a better, fitter, faster cyclist doesn't need to be an experimen ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 9 Oct 2020
    Tennis pros and coaches say it ALL THE TIME! Racket back! Racket back! Rac ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Maryland Announces 35 Positive Cases in Latest COVID-19 Testing Results
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2020
    The Big Ten announced on Wednesday morning that football will resum ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] COVID is a different problem for athletes: Here's how:
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2020
    While LeBron James has been able to self-isolate in a lavish home g ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] This Is Your Brain on Exercise
    by Greg Burton on 4 Aug 2020
    Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and rese ... [read more]
  • [UBsports Staff Portal] OKR: Objectives and Key Results
    by Greg Burton on 18 Jun 2020
    OKRs or Objectives and Key Results are built to grow with your organi ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 17 Jun 2020
    This is from a article: ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] A note from Greg Burton
    by Greg Burton on 14 Jun 2020
    COVID has given us the most painful time in generations. Many of us ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Watch the "SFIA Youth Sport After COVID" Presentation
    by Greg Burton on 5 Jun 2020
    Very interesting presentation from the Sports & Fitness Industry As ... [read more]
  • [Cycling] World Cycling Day, June 3, 2020
    by Greg Burton on 5 Jun 2020
    Virtual rides with top stars organised by UCI on World Bicycle Day Mor ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 25 May 2020
    Emblem Health put out a very nice group of Home Yoga videos, which y ... [read more]
  • [COVID-CRAZY HOME PLAY!] Move forward past MOVING!
    by Greg Burton on 27 Apr 2020
    We are of course mortified by the loss of life and economic destruct ... [read more]
  • [COVID-CRAZY HOME PLAY!] How COVID will change us, for better and worse.
    by Greg Burton on 27 Apr 2020
    Whenever I consider the Coronavirus pandemic, I harken back to the A ... [read more]
  • [COVID-CRAZY HOME PLAY!] Get the kids moving
    by Greg Burton on 10 Apr 2020
    We are stuck in side with a bunch of kids, who are pretty much climb ... [read more]
  • [Futsal] Time to get creative!
    by Greg Burton on 30 Mar 2020
    0_ktwg3mbn7mjx79na seems we have some time on our hands while sports are on hold and ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] what?
    by Greg Burton on 30 Mar 2020
    Laura_freestyle_soccer_miami_florida seems we have some time on our hands while sports are on hold and ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Coronavirus: Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers have reportedly begun planning for potential delay
    by Greg Burton on 23 Mar 2020
    We have been keeping track of the 2020 Summer Olympics, thinking th ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 19 Mar 2020
    Lord Sebastian Coe, the president of the World Athletics federation ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Gisele Bündchen Pens a Farewell to Boston
    by Greg Burton on 18 Mar 2020
    Tom Brady's story has connected with most fans more than most other NFL ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] UEFA Announce Intention to Complete Champions, Europa Leagues Amid Coronavirus
    by Greg Burton on 17 Mar 2020
    UEFA have set up a working group in order to find a rescheduling solution ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] MLB Opening Day 2020 Pushed Back at Least 8 Weeks amid Coronavirus Concerns
    by Greg Burton on 17 Mar 2020
    Major League Baseball has further postponed its season because of corona ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Tom Brady Announces He Will Not Return to Patriots: 'Forever a Patriot'
    by Greg Burton on 17 Mar 2020
    For the first time in his career, Tom Brady will play his home games out ... [read more]
  • [Investors and Insiders group] Investor Materials
    by Greg Burton on 7 Feb 2020
    Below are current investor materials. Execut ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Kobe Bryant among victims in CA helicopter crash
    by Greg Burton on 26 Jan 2020
    NBA legend Kobe Bryant was among five killed in a crash in foggy Ca ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] 49ers Shut Up the Haters All the Way to the Top of the NFC
    by Greg Burton on 30 Dec 2019
    (Thanks to BR!) The 26-21 win that ensured the San Francisco 49ers wo ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 24 Oct 2019
    The CIB PSA Women's World Championship gets under way today with the first ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Women's World Champs: Round One Afternoon Session Results and Comments
    by Greg Burton on 24 Oct 2019
    The CIB PSA Women's World Championship gets under way today with the first ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] Astros and Yankees set for ALCS Rematch!
    by Greg Burton on 11 Oct 2019
    HOUSTON – When the New York Yankees come swaggering in here on Saturday ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] 3 Must Know Focuses of Parenting a Youth Athlete
    by Greg Burton on 7 Oct 2019
    We want to see our star-athlete fight, compete, give everything th ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Erling Braut Håland raves about Man United manager – Opens door for England transfer
    by Greg Burton on 25 Sep 2019
    Erling Braut Håland has constantly managed to get his name on the scoreshe ... [read more]
  • [Badminton] TOTAL BWF Para-Badminton World Championships
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    SEPT. 11, 2019, 2:43 P.M. (ET) USA brought home three medals at the Pa ... [read more]
  • [Gymnastics] Biles wins U.S. Women’s World Championships Selection Camp all-around, automatically qualifies to 2019 team
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    SARASOTA, Fla., September 22, 2019 – Simone Biles of Spring, Texas/Wor ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] MLB Power Rankings: Where All 30 Teams Stand as Playoff Race Enters Final Week
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    (Courtesy BR) One week. That's all that remains of the 2019 MLB se ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Giants GM Dave Gettleman, who gets the last laugh, is the winner of NFL Week 3 so far
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season started with the most Thursday Night Footb ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Raiders vs. Broncos 2013 game preview: Denver heavily favored in the spotlight
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    The Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders will face off in prime time on Mo ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] The Pittsburgh Steelers Are in Big Trouble
    by Greg Burton on 23 Sep 2019
    Here are some takeaways from the Steelers' performance in Week 3... ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Atlanta Falcons (1-1) at Indianapolis Colts (1-1)
    by Greg Burton on 19 Sep 2019
    Despite the late-offseason loss of quarterback Andrew Luck, the Indianap ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Tennessee Titans (1-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)
    by Greg Burton on 19 Sep 2019
    It's never easy to travel on short rest, but the Tennessee Titans have p ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] B/R Expert Consensus NFL Picks for Week 3
    by Greg Burton on 19 Sep 2019
    From a betting perspective, a lot of good and bad luck was attached to W ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 10 Sep 2019
    By Josh Toso A week before the start of J/24 Nationals I was presented wi ... [read more]
  • [US Sailing Volunteers Portal] Will a new Laser rig save the class in the next Olympics?
    by Greg Burton on 13 Aug 2019
    With the recent activity surrounding experimentation with a ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Rethinking the Laser Rig
    by Greg Burton on 7 Aug 2019
    With the recent activity surrounding experimentation with a new Laser rig an ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Djokovic Defeats Federer in 2019 Wimbledon classic
    by Greg Burton on 15 Jul 2019
    What's with this new tie breaker at Wimbledon? You take the players out t ... [read more]
  • [Croquet] Sunday Update: The 2019 Green Gables Invitational
    by Greg Burton on 14 Jul 2019
    July 14, 2019: The final rounds of the Green Gables Invitational are i ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] World Cup quarterfinal: Heat is on USWNT v. hosts France
    by Greg Burton on 28 Jun 2019
    It will be close to 97 degrees in Paris on Friday as France swelters in a ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Neymar wants Barcelona return from PSG, Spanish club's vice-president claims
    by Greg Burton on 27 Jun 2019
    Paris St-Germain forward Neymar wants to move back to Barcelona, the Spani ... [read more]
  • [SYS Squash Southampton ] SYS Squash May 2019 Open
    by Greg Burton on 2 Jun 2019
    The SYS May 2019 Pro Open was held on 11-12 May 2019. There w ... [read more]
  • [Backgammon] The new Backgammon Portal is open!
    by Greg Burton on 6 May 2019
    Hello Backgammon addicts and first timers, and you who are just looki ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Sailing starts in Biscayne Bay's Hempel World Cup Series
    by Greg Burton on 30 Jan 2019
    After nearly a month of training and competition on Biscayne Bay, many of th ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Patriots vs. Rams: Latest Expert, NFL Player Predictions for Super Bowl 53
    by Greg Burton on 30 Jan 2019
    The New England Patriots are the favorites to win Super Bowl 53 in ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] The Way to live life, every day, direct from an Olympic Gold Medalist!
    by Greg Burton on 30 Jan 2019
    One thing that is consistent among almost all great athletes, and i ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Egypt has built a new empire, on the squash court.
    by Greg Burton on 25 Jan 2019
    El Sherbini Becomes First Women’s Three-Time ToC Champion; Farag Clinches ... [read more]
  • [Drone Racing] Drone Racing on UBsports Launched
    by Greg Burton on 12 Jan 2019
    Today we launched the first combined community for the two sparring ... [read more]
  • [USTA Players Portal] Federer cruises in second round of US Open
    by Greg Burton on 29 Aug 2018
    Ten years ago, Roger Federer completed a dominant reign at Flus ... [read more]
  • [Curling] A quick guide to Curling
    by Greg Burton on 25 Feb 2018
    Curling is one of the most mentally intriguing sports played in the Winte ... [read more]
  • [Curling] U.S. Men's Curling Team Wins Gold, Beating Sweden 10-7 At Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
    by Greg Burton on 25 Feb 2018
    The U.S. men's curling team made history on Saturday at the Pyeongchang W ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Women's Hockey Team Gets Olympic Gold After 20 yr Drought
    by Greg Burton on 22 Feb 2018
    In the middle of the night (here in NY!) a group of massively talented ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] GOLD in the middle of the night for US Womens Hockey..
    by Greg Burton on 22 Feb 2018
    In the middle of the night (here in NY!) a group of massively talen ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Oops! After a 20 year drought, Womens Hockey Team Snatches Gold from Canada
    by Content Staff on 22 Feb 2018
    GANGNEUNG, South Korea -- As she grabbed the puck at center ice and ... [read more]
  • [Luge] Chris Mazdzer wins historic silver, the first U.S. men’s singles luge medal ever
    by Greg Burton on 16 Feb 2018
    Erin Hamlin did it four years ago when she won bronze in women's singles lug ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] Protecting your young athletes from predators
    by Greg Burton on 1 Feb 2018
    This is the scariest picture any parent can imagine. It’s har ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] It's about fortitude and belief in yourself.
    by Greg Burton on 1 Feb 2018
    I just read a great piece from Dr. Patrick Cohn, a sports psycholog ... [read more]
  • [Sports Psychology] 30 Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable
    by Greg Burton on 22 Dec 2017
    A lot of people are good at what they do. Some are even elite. A ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] The Origins of America's most popular indoor sport
    by Greg Burton on 20 Dec 2017
    The Origins of Basketball James Naismith, an instructor at the YMCA’s ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] Astros walk off with crazy 13-12 win to take 3-2 World Series lead over Dodgers
    by Greg Burton on 30 Oct 2017
    HOUSTON — Breaking down Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston A ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] UBsports Returns. Hackers Lose
    by Greg Burton on 30 Oct 2017
    UBsports was hacked. It didn't take much, just a few little lines ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Americans Overseas Playing with the Euros Just Fine Thank You.
    by Greg Burton on 22 May 2017
    Bobby Wood's Hamburg avoided a relegation playoff when it rallied to beat ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Dramatic goal by Fabregas at 88' captures Premier League title for Chelsea
    by Greg Burton on 16 May 2017
    In his exuberance as the title celebrations raged on, Chelsea midfielder C ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] New Rules of Racing 2017-2020 are out
    by Greg Burton on 12 May 2017
    Every four years the sport changes a bit, with new rules designed to be easi ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] Derek Jeter's Parting Letter to New York
    by Greg Burton on 12 May 2017
    called Kalamazoo. Quiet, unsure and at times a little intimidated. A hom ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Rangers handle Senators in Game 4, even series
    by Greg Burton on 5 May 2017
    NEW YORK -- The New York Rangers' ability to roll four lines is arguab ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Mudge and Mathur Win Kellner Cup, on Mathur's home R&T court.
    by Greg Burton on 26 Apr 2017
    Seventeen years since claiming the inaugural Kellner Cup in 2000 with Gary ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Gaultier Wins 4th Consecutive Tournament, Becomes Oldest #1 Ever
    by Greg Burton on 17 Apr 2017
    French World No.1 Gregory Gaultier lifted his fourth successive PSA World ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Houston Open this weekend
    by Greg Burton on 17 Apr 2017
    The Houston Open, a Pro Squash Assn Tour event, will be held this coming w ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Rangers Shut Out Montreal 2-0, Lundqvist Gains Ranger Shutout Record
    by Greg Burton on 13 Apr 2017
    The New York Rangers kicked off the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs on Wedne ... [read more]
  • [Golf] Dream Masters Week for Hagestad, Disappointment for Rose
    by Greg Burton on 13 Apr 2017
    Stewart Hagestad’s visit to the 2017 Masters started with nine holes alongsi ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] 18 Year old Pulisic, Great Already, Still Improving
    by Greg Burton on 13 Apr 2017
    Christian Pulisic became just the fourth American -- after John O'Brien in ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Schweinsteiger's Awesome MLS Debut
    by Greg Burton on 3 Apr 2017
    It had been more than a year since his last league game, but Bastian Schwe ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] March Madness: What this past weekend tells us about the Final Four
    by Greg Burton on 29 Mar 2017
    There was noise about the lack of drama in the first weekend. Fair ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] Where did Cinderella Go?
    by Greg Burton on 24 Mar 2017
    You could almost have gone with the oddsmakers this year. The lowest ... [read more]
  • [UBsports Investors Portal] UBsports Seed Round Announced
    by Greg Burton on 21 Mar 2017
    In the past quarter, UBsports has made remarkable progre ... [read more]
  • [Cricket] Cutting Earns Big Payday in CPL Draft
    by Greg Burton on 13 Mar 2017
    Four Australians to compete in the Caribbean this year, cult hero Rahkeem ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] What to Concentrate On During a Match
    by Greg Burton on 13 Mar 2017
    How exactly do you focus your best during matches? How do you focu ... [read more]
  • [Distance Running] Running on Hills
    by Tiger Britt on 26 Feb 2017
    Throughout my four years on the Pierson High School Cross Cou ... [read more]
  • [eSports] NBA 2K Professional eSports League will Team Up with NBA
    by Tiger Britt on 19 Feb 2017
    The NBA 2K Franchise is an incredibly popular sports game franchise, with ... [read more]
  • [eSports] Nintendo Steps Into Realm of Super Bowl Commercials to Promote New Console
    by Tiger Britt on 19 Feb 2017
    Nintendo is one of the most iconic and successful gaming industries in hi ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Super Bowl 51: It's not about football. It's about Not Saying "Can't."
    by Greg Burton on 6 Feb 2017
    Super Bowl 51, on February 5, 2017, will go down in history as the ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Federer Wins #18 against Rafa, Aussie Open 2017 Champ
    by Greg Burton on 29 Jan 2017
    It was the Final we never thought we'd see any more, and the result we cou ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Revealed: The best sports to ensure a long life
    by Greg Burton on 26 Jan 2017
    Regularly playing squash could help stave off death the longest, a ... [read more]
  • [Distance Running] WHY DO WE KEEP RUNNING?
    by Greg Burton on 24 Jan 2017
    We all know generally how New Year’s resolutions go, but when ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Anyone pick Pats vs. Falcons in Super Bowl??
    by Greg Burton on 23 Jan 2017
    So, who had Patriots vs. Falcons as their preseason Super Bowl pick? ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] The Patriot Way
    by Greg Burton on 23 Jan 2017
    From Kevin Faulk, retired NE Patriots player. Listen: If there’s one ... [read more]
  • [USA Badminton Players Portal] New Badminton Ambassador to be named soon
    by Greg Burton on 16 Jan 2017
    Hello, Badminton Player! We re bout to nnounce our n ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] New MLS players signed from new sources
    by Greg Burton on 10 Jan 2017
    MLS has begun investing in lower-level clubs, leagues and academies: It l ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] The Houston Experiment
    by Content Staff on 4 Jan 2017
    The player-coach-GM trio of James Harden, Mike D’Antoni, and Daryl Mor ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] The Origins of Basketball
    by Greg Burton on 21 Dec 2016
    Just in case you were wondering how basketball started: We came acros ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 6 Dec 2016
    WE HAVE LAUNCHED OUR OFFICIAL SCORE SHEET! Please click this l ... [read more]
  • [SYS Squash League] RULES OF THE LEAGUE
    by Greg Burton on 5 Dec 2016
    Rules: SYS SQUASH LEAGUE 1- Players are broken into groups,Grou ... [read more]
  • [Cricket] Cricket in the US! You bet your three cornered hat!
    by Greg Burton on 25 Nov 2016
    We're entering a new era of Cricket in the US. In a way, you could say w ... [read more]
  • [Wrestling] The Different Forms of Wrestling
    by Christopher Teague on 23 Nov 2016
    The Basic Styles of Wrestling Two basic styles of amateur wrestling ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Top 10 Players In The NHL Up To This Point
    by Gaven Bickford on 14 Nov 2016
    1. Carey Price He is the best goalie in the world. H ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Bicks’ Weekly Power Ranking
    by Gaven Bickford on 11 Nov 2016
    1. Montreal Canadiens, 11-1-1 We saw last week, that the Canadiens ca ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Season Predictions from Our New Ambassador
    by Greg Burton on 9 Nov 2016
    A few weeks ago, Our new Ambassador, Gaven Bickford posted his predict ... [read more]
  • [Baseball] First Step
    by Greg Burton on 8 Nov 2016
    Curtis Granderson: The phrase “food desert” may not mean much to most p ... [read more]
  • [Squash] The Season is Officially Under Way...
    by Greg Burton on 1 Nov 2016
    We are kicking off the 2016-2017 squash season with a quick catch-up of th ... [read more]
  • [Sag Harbor Sports] The Case for Artificial Turf at Pierson (2)
    by Greg Burton on 27 Oct 2016
    TURF DECISION: The Facts About the Decision for Artificial Tur ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] How Nadal Gets Pumped for a Match
    by Greg Burton on 27 Oct 2016
    Many tennis coaches think their players will perform well if they ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] New WADA restrictions released for 2017
    by Greg Burton on 30 Sep 2016
    We are POSITIVE that YOU would never take advantage of any performa ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] US Open Day 4 Picks
    by Greg Burton on 1 Sep 2016
    MEN (2) Andy Murray vs. Marcel Granollers While Novak Djokovic is the un ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Could Andy Murray's Olympic Gold Earn Him World 1 Ranking
    by Greg Burton on 17 Aug 2016
    One of Andy Murray’s most remarkable achievements in Rio de Janeiro was th ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Caleb Paine (USA) Wins Bronze In The Finn
    by Greg Burton on 17 Aug 2016
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – U.S. Olympic Team sailor Caleb Paine (San Diego, Ca ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Rio Olympics: U.S. women will remain gold standard
    by Greg Burton on 16 Aug 2016
    The USA exited the Olympics with a heartbreaking quarterfinal loss to Swed ... [read more]
  • [America's Olympic Portal] How to Watch the Olympic Games
    by Greg Burton on 15 Aug 2016
    t's frustrating if you just want to watch sports, and the sports you lik ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] How to Watch the Olympic Games
    by Greg Burton on 15 Aug 2016
    It's frustrating if you just want to watch sports, and the sports y ... [read more]
  • [Fencing] Daryl Homer Scores Team USA's First Men's Saber Silver Since 1904
    by Greg Burton on 12 Aug 2016
    RIO DE JANEIRO — As he was being chased down, nearly tripping off of the ... [read more]
  • [America's Olympic Portal] Team USA Excitement Rio - August 11
    by Greg Burton on 11 Aug 2016
    More gold in the pool, another in women's cycling and historic silvers i ... [read more]
  • [America's Olympic Portal] New Olympic Superstar Katie Ledecky Does Dominance Her Own Way
    by Greg Burton on 11 Aug 2016
    There's going to be something different about the way Katie Ledecky does ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Solo's Missed Saves Lead to Tie with Colombia
    by Greg Burton on 10 Aug 2016
    The USA accomplished what it set out to do, and that's win its group at th ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Worst Performance in Rio: IOC?
    by Greg Burton on 9 Aug 2016
    If you don't think that the Olympics are a business, just watch the ... [read more]
  • [Wellness] Ten Reasons Why Sport and Coaching Matter
    by Greg Burton on 9 Aug 2016
    Sport and Coaching needs to be much higher on our national agenda. Prev ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] USA-France: Icy Solo and sturdy Heath are difference
    by Greg Burton on 8 Aug 2016
    The more things change, the more they stay the same in the USA-France riva ... [read more]
  • [eSports] The Olympic Spirit Hits the Popular Competitive Game "Overwatch"
    by Tiger Britt on 6 Aug 2016
    Even though its official release was only in May, Blizzard Entertainment' ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] 3 Important Questions That Turn Losing Into Learning
    by Greg Burton on 4 Aug 2016
    “Do you want to win every game you play for the rest of your life? ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Rio Olympics: Why the U.S. women will take gold
    by Greg Burton on 3 Aug 2016
    The Summer Olympics has featured women's soccer five times, and the USA ha ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 3 Aug 2016
    The Emirates Airline US Open Series annually features five week ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Soccer on TV, Week of Aug 1
    by Greg Burton on 1 Aug 2016
    On Monday the U.S. U-19s play Bahrain ... Tuesday the 2016-17 Concacaf Cha ... [read more]
  • [Strongman ] Results of the World’s Strongest Man 2016 – Botswana
    by Greg Burton on 1 Aug 2016
    It’s not long now until the return of World’s Strongest Man. The 2016 e ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] MLS All-Stars vs.Arsenal: Red rules the day
    by Greg Burton on 29 Jul 2016
    I guess it wasn't much of a surprise...but it was a well fought match. And ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] MLS All-Star Game: Wondo ready for challenge
    by Greg Burton on 28 Jul 2016
    All-Star Games are supposed to be wide-open, entertaining affairs, and if ... [read more]
  • [America's Olympic Portal] Live Olympic News Added
    by Greg Burton on 28 Jul 2016
    Now you can watch all the latest Olympic news right here! Just tune into our home page and join this group!
  • [America's Olympic Portal] IOC Announces Launch of Olympic Video Channel
    by Greg Burton on 27 Jul 2016
    As the IOC continues its online strategy, we will be able to watch more ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 27 Jul 2016
  • [Badminton] Never Give Up Says Indian Olympic Ace Jwala Gutta
    by Greg Burton on 18 Jul 2016
    With less than a month to go for the Rio Olympics, all eyes are on the ... [read more]
  • [eSports] Pokemon Go
    by Tiger Britt on 11 Jul 2016
    This summer, people are starting to feel their eyes glued to their phones ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Kerber Catches Another Wave
    by Greg Burton on 6 Jul 2016
    TUESDAY, JULY 05, 2016 /by STEVE TIGNOR The WTA in 2016 has been a ser ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] Mental Toughness: Nature or Nurture?
    by Greg Burton on 23 Jun 2016
    Can you learn mental toughness, or is it bred into us? Really, an ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] USA loses to Messi, Falls to Argentina in Copa Centenaro Semis
    by Greg Burton on 22 Jun 2016
    Man that was the longest 94 minutes I can recall. The upside of last ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] USA-Argentina: Does Klinsmann roll the dice?
    by Greg Burton on 21 Jun 2016
    The USA will play Argentina -- Argentina with Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuai ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Copa Centenario: US Protests Thrown Out: Jones, Wood and Bedoya Out for Semis
    by Greg Burton on 20 Jun 2016
    Copa Centenario organizers threw out the U.S protests over the red card is ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] USA defeats Ecuador in Foul-Riddled Quarter-Final Battle
    by Greg Burton on 16 Jun 2016
    The USA prevailed, 2-1, over Ecuador with superb performances throughout t ... [read more]
  • [Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League] The 2016 Season Kicks Off!
    by Greg Burton on 9 Jun 2016
    Hello! This is the new social space for the Ham ... [read more]
  • [Wellness] Insane Tests Olympic Athletes Undergo
    by Greg Burton on 6 Jun 2016
    This is an article from Brandon Hall on Stack: This being an Olympic Ye ... [read more]
  • [Wellness] Can You be an Olympic Athlete?
    by Greg Burton on 6 Jun 2016
    This is an article from Brandon Hall on Stack: This being an Olympic Ye ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Not All The Same Old Faces in Dubai Finals
    by Greg Burton on 2 Jun 2016
    ...But Almost all. England’s Laura Massaro and Frenchman Gregory Gaulti ... [read more]
  • [Judo] World Masters Championships
    by Matthew Parker on 24 May 2016
    The World Masters Championships ("WMC") is to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico ... [read more]
  • [Pierson MS/HS Athletics] Welcome to Pierson Athletics on UBsports!
    by Greg Burton on 12 May 2016
    We have just launched the UBsports home for Pierson Athletics. ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] A great comment about the Olympic Games and its meaning
    by Greg Burton on 11 May 2016
    By Greg Baum Poor Adam Scott. He surely cannot know the curse he ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Watch Soccer on TV and the Web
    by Greg Burton on 5 May 2016
    On Thursday the Europa League finalists will be determined in the second l ... [read more]
  • [SYS Squash Southampton ] Growing group of squash players at SYS
    by Greg Burton on 4 May 2016
    This s the first entry for SYS Squash in Southampton NY. We w ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Oklahoma City Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs:
    by Greg Burton on 2 May 2016
    The Oklahoma City Thunder pulled out an exciting 98-97 victory over ... [read more]
  • [Squash] First-Time Partners Betts & Stoker Win WSDA Season Finale in Chicago
    by Greg Burton on 2 May 2016
    The WSDA season came to a close in the windy city this weekend as world No ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Noor El Sherbini beats Massaro in World Championship Full of Firsts
    by Greg Burton on 2 May 2016
    Report courtesy of PSA. World No. 2 Nour El Sherbini produced one of the ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Big Year for Squash!
    by Greg Burton on 2 May 2016
    The sport of squash is actually becoming mainstream. Maria Toorpakei's st ... [read more]
  • [Olympic Weightlifting] Improving Your Hip Mobility
    by Matthew Parker on 2 May 2016
    Lets face it, chances are you need to improve your hip mobil ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] De Jong Suspended for 3 Games after Nagbe "Stomp"
    by Greg Burton on 14 Apr 2016
    Bruce Arena has spoken on the Nigel de Jong affair and whether you agree w ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] MLS: Nagbe out with sprained ankle
    by Greg Burton on 13 Apr 2016
    Portland Timbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe suffered a sprained left ankl ... [read more]
  • [Sports Medicine] Concussions: It's Getting Serious
    by Greg Burton on 13 Apr 2016
    The more we learn about concussions, and their long term effects, ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 5 Apr 2016
    Diagnosing an athlete with a concussion is often based solely on ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] Six Tips to Reduce Youth Spring Sports Injuries
    by Greg Burton on 5 Apr 2016
    In today's competitive youth sports landscape, many young athlete ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Update from Team Bolger/Shevitz!
    by Greg Burton on 1 Apr 2016
    This blog entry is from Carly Shevitz, our intrepid sailing Ambassador, who ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Locked Out: Madison Keys, Last american in the Miami Open Loses to Kerber
    by Greg Burton on 31 Mar 2016
    KEY BISCAYNE, Fla.—“Be patient, be patient, be patient!” That's what Ma ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] Lakers' D'Angelo Russell-Nick Young Drama All Too Predictable Outcome for Both
    by Greg Burton on 31 Mar 2016
    By Kevin Ding , NBA Senior Writer Mar 30, 2016 Lakers' D'Angelo Rus ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Another sailor has qualified for the 2016 Rio OLYMPICS!
    by Carly Shevitz on 12 Mar 2016
    This morning in Barcelona, Spain the mens single handed heavyweight dinghy O ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
    by Carly Shevitz on 11 Mar 2016
    Growing up, my parents always told me that breakfast was the most impor ... [read more]
  • [Olympic Weightlifting] Snatch Accessory Exercises
    by Matthew Parker on 6 Mar 2016
    Howdy! Today we will take a look at Juggernaut's "Olympic ... [read more]
  • [Field Hockey] USA Under 21 Men: Journey to Qualify for the Junior World Cup
    by Will Holt on 26 Feb 2016
    Our U.S. U-21 Men's National Field Hockey Team needs your help to ma ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Turmeric: The Wonder Spice?
    by Greg Burton on 23 Feb 2016
    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past three months, you'v ... [read more]
  • [Para-Sports] The UBsports Paralympics Portal is Launched. Join Us!
    by Greg Burton on 22 Feb 2016
    Welcome to the new UBsports Portal for Paralympics. The UBsports Pa ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 19 Feb 2016
    Interview by ALAN THATCHER 1: What a year it’s been for you, with som ... [read more]
  • [The Olympics] The Singular Meaning of the Olympic Games
    by Greg Burton on 17 Feb 2016
    The Olympic Movement is one of mankind's great achievements. It rep ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Peyton Manning, DeMarcus Ware key to Broncos' Super Bowl-readiness
    by Greg Burton on 17 Feb 2016
    SAN FRANCISCO -- As the Denver Broncos moved through the final days befo ... [read more]
  • [Badminton] Looking for a Badminton Ambassador
    by Greg Burton on 12 Feb 2016
    We are working on a relationship with USA Badminton, but at the moment ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] 2016 Countdown: MLS's four Concacaf Clubs Have Their Work Cut Out For Them
    by Greg Burton on 12 Feb 2016
    MLS's four representatives in the Concacaf Champions League quarterfinals ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Big changes on U.S. women's national team
    by Greg Burton on 27 Jan 2016
    Just 13 of the 23 members of the USA's 2015 Women's World Cup championship ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] NFL Season Closing: Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Remain
    by Greg Burton on 26 Jan 2016
    In the aftermath of two surprises (one really big for everyone, and one ... [read more]
  • [--] The Rugby Site Account Info
    by Smith Smith on 13 Jan 2016
    Hey Ladies! The Rugby Site is an incredible site with a ton of ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] The US 470 Nationals
    by Carly Shevitz on 11 Jan 2016
    After 6 races over the span of two days, the 470 National Championships have ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Nutritional preparation for international travel, and competition
    by Carly Shevitz on 11 Jan 2016
    Olympic athletes maintain specific diets to adhere to a weight gain/los ... [read more]
  • [WSDA - Womens Squash Doubles Assn. Pro Tour] WATCH-NYC Open Videos on the WSDA Portal
    by Greg Burton on 7 Jan 2016
    Hello Womens Doubles fans! The WSDA NYC Open finals were just uploaded ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Copa Brazil de Vela
    by Carly Shevitz on 14 Dec 2015
    We are one day away from the last major international sailing competition on ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] A Few Thoughts on Dubai
    by Smith Smith on 8 Dec 2015
    Dubai Sevens has come to an end. --- The USA Men's Sevens team proved th ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] Part 2 - NAC Whistler and World Cup #2 Preview
    by Colin Coughlin on 7 Dec 2015
    The NAC tour has come to a temporary break after the conclusion of last w ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] Thanksgiving means turkey, stuffing, and BOBSLED! - Part 1
    by Colin Coughlin on 30 Nov 2015
    For many, this past week meant getting together with family and friends a ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Everything you need to know about gobbling up Turkey this Holiday season
    by Carly Shevitz on 27 Nov 2015
    Throughout the holiday season, Turkey is an incredibly popular entree o ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Squash Season IS HOT!
    by Greg Burton on 21 Nov 2015
    We're dead in the middle of squash season! This weekend we're live we ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Protein Intake reccomendations
    by Carly Shevitz on 16 Nov 2015
    As an athlete, I have to make sure I am feeding my body the proper fuel ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] How to fund an Olympic Campaign
    by Carly Shevitz on 16 Nov 2015
    It is ironic that I have chosen this topic of conversation for this post bec ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] First stop on the North American Cup Tour
    by Colin Coughlin on 15 Nov 2015
    Athletes from all over the world traveled to Calgary, Alberta two weeks a ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] National Team Selections & NAC Preview
    by Colin Coughlin on 13 Nov 2015
    National Team Trials concluded after what turned out to be some exciting ... [read more]
  • [Volleyball] USC Women's Volleyball: Samantha Bricio - All Time Kills Leader
    by Raya ONeal on 13 Nov 2015
    The number two team in the nation is being led by Mexican senior Saman ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Preparing for the National All Star Competition
    by Smith Smith on 10 Nov 2015
    Seven weeks from now, women rugby players from across the nation will atten ... [read more]
  • [Chelsea Piers Squash] Chelsea Piers CT Squash on UBsports.
    by Greg Burton on 10 Nov 2015
    We have just launched the UBsports Portal for Chelsea Pier ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] 470 World Championships 2015
    by Carly Shevitz on 3 Nov 2015
    This year, the 2015 470 World Championships were held in Haifa, Israel. Afte ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] USA Rugby Announces Partnership with BridgeAthletic
    1 Nov 2015
    USA Rugby today announced a partnership with BridgeAthletic to provide stre ... [read more]
  • [Skeleton] 2015 Skeleton National Team Trials
    by Savannah Graybill on 24 Oct 2015
    We're just two days away from the first set of selection races of the 20 ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] National Team Trials - Part 2!
    by Colin Coughlin on 21 Oct 2015
    Last week marked the official beginning of the 2015-2016 bobsled season f ... [read more]
  • [Volleyball] Big 10 Battle
    by Raya ONeal on 19 Oct 2015
    With the second round of conference play coming up the Big 10 conferen ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] Be a Student, Create a Team, Know Your Why
    by Smith Smith on 15 Oct 2015
    Nearly nine weeks have passed. The Super Series and my firs ... [read more]
  • [Skeleton] The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    by Savannah Graybill on 14 Oct 2015
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And no, I’m not three months e ... [read more]
    by Raya ONeal on 9 Oct 2015
    Did we speak too soon? After a thrilling 5 set match on their home cou ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Be a Student, Create a Team, Know Your Why
    by Smith Smith on 8 Oct 2015
    Nearly nine weeks have passed. The Super Series and my first cap as a USA E ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] 2015 National Push Championships
    by Colin Coughlin on 3 Oct 2015
    Within just a few short days, Team USA's Bobsled athletes will be getting ... [read more]
  • [Volleyball] Can The Nittany Lions Stay Undefeated?
    by Raya ONeal on 2 Oct 2015
    Penn State is having a great season so far staying at a steady 13-0 wi ... [read more]
  • [Skeleton] Skeleton Push Championships
    by Savannah Graybill on 30 Sep 2015
    Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme… Okay, so that’s actually from Cool R ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] REPOST: Scotland earns bonus point in defeat of U.S. at Rugby World Cup 2015
    by Smith Smith on 29 Sep 2015
    The USA Men's Eagles are in the middle of their battle in t ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] REPOST: Scotland earns bonus point in defeat of U.S. at Rugby World Cup 2015
    by Smith Smith on 28 Sep 2015
    The USA Men's Eagles are in the middle of their battle in the Rugby World C ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] The Rugby Athlete at Home
    by Smith Smith on 16 Sep 2015
    Being an athlete is hard, challenging, stressful work, especially as one de ... [read more]
  • [Skeleton] Skeleton's Little Brother
    by Savannah Graybill on 15 Sep 2015
    It’s hard to write about skeleton without mentioning bobsled. Case in p ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] Push Championships
    by Colin Coughlin on 14 Sep 2015
    The week of National Push Championships is finally here! It’s been a long ... [read more]
  • [Skeleton] Welcome to Skeleton
    by Savannah Graybill on 8 Sep 2015
    We'll start with a welcome, as most people have no idea what skeleton is ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] What is NUTRITION?
    by Carly Shevitz on 30 Aug 2015
    In order to understand how we should be fueling our body to meet our exe ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] The State of American Rugby
    by Smith Smith on 29 Aug 2015
    October will welcome the 2015 Men's XVs Rugby World Cup, while the Women pre ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Nutrition Videos Loading
    by Carly Shevitz on 20 Aug 2015
    As UBsports spreads into the complete athlete, we are turning to the way ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Rugby in Progress: Concussion Management
    by Smith Smith on 17 Aug 2015
    Rugby is a unique sport. The laws of the game, the variety of athletes and f ... [read more]
  • [Bobsled] The Olympic Sport of Bobsled
    by Colin Coughlin on 12 Aug 2015
    How did you get into bobsled? How do you train for it? Do you compete in t ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Growing the Game: One Weekend at a Time
    by Smith Smith on 3 Aug 2015
    This past weekend marks a significant time of the year for rugby players, fa ... [read more]
  • [Fencing] USA Sweeps 2015 PanAm Games
    by Lydia Kopecky on 27 Jul 2015
    (Toronto, Canada) The 2015 PanAm Games closed yesterday as an epic success ... [read more]
  • [Fencing] 2015 Senior World Championships Recap!
    by Lydia Kopecky on 22 Jul 2015
    (Moscow, Russia) The 2015 Senior World Championships ended on the 19th of ... [read more]
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  • [Jon's Softball Team] temp2
    by Jon Daniels on 11 Jun 2021
  • temp
    by Jon Daniels on 11 Jun 2021
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    by Milind Leslie on 21 Dec 2020
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  • Jayci Simon, 14, to face world's best in Para-Badminton Championships in Switzerland
    by Rani Mishra on 16 Aug 2019
    ST. JOHNS — A 14-year-old St. Johns girl who has defied odds her entire lif ... [read more]
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    So what did you learn at the Rio Games? Sure, the usual "I should get off ... [read more]
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    On April 9th, our sailing career took a turn for the worse. That day on the ... [read more]
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    Hola! What’s new with Team Bolger/Shevitz? We have just made it back to ... [read more]
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    We are just a couple days away from the start of the 2016 470 World Champio ... [read more]
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    Olympic selection has begun for the US Sailing Team with 3 of the 10 classe ... [read more]
    by Greg Burton on 27 Oct 2015
    ESPN’s “Voice of the US Open” Serves Up Aces on New Court Patrick McEnro ... [read more]
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  • [Sailing] Lessons from practice and the Prada Cup
    10 Jan 2021
    The New Americas Cup Machines: When the 75ft monohulls took to the air, ... [read more]
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    From Sports Illustrated,.. While LeBron James has been able to se ... [read more]
  • [Futsal] Ball is Life: 5 Ways Futsal Is Relevant To Everyday Life
    30 Mar 2020
    Thanks to Jibreel Salaam: Futsal is a game that is personally and profe ... [read more]
    24 Mar 2020
    They were joined by Mori Yoshiro, the President of the Tokyo 2020 O ... [read more]
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    The divorce between the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton is getting mess ... [read more]
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    It's unclear when the Major League Baseball season will begin, as it was ... [read more]
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    30 Dec 2019
    Courtesy Which coaches have been fired, who is staying put and w ... [read more]
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    Struck by so many things out of game 256, and out of San Francisco-Seatt ... [read more]
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    24 Oct 2019
    By Tim Casey, reprint from As a senior in high school in 201 ... [read more]
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    11 Oct 2019
    HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 21: Justin Verlander #35 of the Houston Astros ce ... [read more]
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    23 Sep 2019
    For September 2019, USA Badminton would like to recognize Kishore Subra ... [read more]
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    The third Sunday of NFL action is in the books, and what a crazy da ... [read more]
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    19 Sep 2019
    The Cincinnati Bengals hooked a lot of folks with a strong Week 1 cover ... [read more]
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    19 Sep 2019
    Only one AFC quarterback has a higher QBR and passer rating than Patrick ... [read more]
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    14 Aug 2019
    Courtesy World Sailing A dramatic final race in the Boy's ... [read more]
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    7 Aug 2019
    The cheapest way to race is on someone else's boat. But if you have dreams o ... [read more]
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    27 Jun 2019
    We are down to the last eight at the Women's World Cup, and patterns are s ... [read more]
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    5 Jun 2019
    I’m not a huge fan of all the “woo-woo” or “rah-rah” aspects of minds ... [read more]
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    30 Jan 2019
    Courtesy US Sailing: In the lead up to Hempel World Cup Series Miami, man ... [read more]
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    25 Jan 2019
    by Will Carlin In August of 2013, an Egyptian beer magnate, Ahmed Zayat ... [read more]
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    2 Mar 2018
    One of the hardest parts of being a sports mom was watching my kid ... [read more]
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    28 Feb 2018
    I had the pleasure of serving as the moderator for an International Offshore ... [read more]
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    22 Dec 2017
    1. Simplicity and Clarity of thoughts. For best performances, at ... [read more]
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    22 May 2017
    The 54th Bundesliga season is in the books, and while some things turned o ... [read more]
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    20 May 2017
    By T.J. Ford, in The Players Tribune The first time I was paralyzed w ... [read more]
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    16 May 2017
    Boston attorney Steve Gans, who has been involved in soccer as a player, p ... [read more]
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    12 May 2017
    Barcelona's board of directors approved a plan to start a team in the NWSL ... [read more]
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    5 May 2017
    However green the enormous 2017 Kentucky Derby field of twenty migh ... [read more]
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    17 Apr 2017
    Egypt’s first ever female squash World Champion Nour El Sherbini successfu ... [read more]
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    13 Apr 2017
    CBS Sports April 13, 2017 Joel Edmundson played the unlikely overti ... [read more]
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    5 Apr 2017
    In what MLS termed a "significant setback for the city's expansion opportu ... [read more]
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    3 Apr 2017
    Joel Marion, CISSN & Tim Skwiat, What is a Banana? Bananas are be ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Should You Go Bananas over Bananas?
    3 Apr 2017
    Joel Marion, CISSN & Tim Skwiat, What is a Banana? Bananas are b ... [read more]
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    3 Apr 2017
    (Ahram Online April 2 2017) Arsenal earned beleaguered manager Arsene Wen ... [read more]
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    24 Mar 2017
    There’s no shame in admitting you were wrong. Yes, the first round ... [read more]
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    21 Mar 2017
    By Reed Maltbie “Dad, am I a disappointment to you?” My son ask ... [read more]
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    8 Mar 2017
    SILVER SPRING, MD – March 7, 2017 – ‘Core’ participation in team s ... [read more]
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    6 Feb 2017
    HOUSTON -- The first of the two newly-minted legends emerged from the do ... [read more]
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    10 Jan 2017
    Thanks to Mike Woitalla, Soccer America Daily The U.S. U-15 boys nation ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] Eight Coaching Mistakes I Wish I Never Made
    20 Oct 2016
    In 2002, I received a phone call from Patrick, a former high schoo ... [read more]
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    1 Sep 2016
    by Richard Osborn Wednesday, August 31, 2016 A half-dozen years removed ... [read more]
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    1 Sep 2016
    Thanks to Brad Stulberg When I first started training for marath ... [read more]
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    17 Aug 2016
    Sports Illustrated: On the eve of knockout play in Rio, anyone puz ... [read more]
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    17 Aug 2016
    When I don’t know about a subject other than suffering the injury ... [read more]
  • [Distance Running] On Plantar Fasciitis….
    17 Aug 2016
    When I don’t know about a subject other than suffering the in ... [read more]
  • [eSports] From iSportConnect: The State of eSports
    16 Aug 2016
    eSports is undergoing a level of growth most traditional sports can only ... [read more]
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    4 Aug 2016
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Spend enough time around Sporting Kansas City, and the ... [read more]
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    28 Jul 2016
    Here are the TV listings for the weekend: Check your local listings for ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Abby Wambach Pleads Guilty to DUII.
    13 Apr 2016
    (Courtesy Soccer Daily) Retired women's star Abby Wambach pleaded guilty ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Rule Changes: The best, the worst -- and one that needs reversal
    15 Feb 2016
    By Paul Gardner While awaiting the latest changes to the rules (the IFAB ... [read more]
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    15 Feb 2016
    The Montreal Impact sent U.S. U-23 defender Eric Miller, who attended the ... [read more]
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    4 Jan 2016
    by Alex Goff of Goff Rugby Report: The Men’s Junior All Americans first wi ... [read more]
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    16 Dec 2015
    You always have to watch those 50-50 passes; as the saying goes, half the t ... [read more]
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    25 Nov 2015
    GOFF RUGBY REPORT (Alex Goff): If there’s one thing USA M ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Changes, Disruptions, Eagles Ready for Dubai
    25 Nov 2015
    GOFF RUGBY REPORT (Alex Goff): If there’s one thing USA Men’s 7s Coach do ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] USA Rugby Announces Partnership with BridgeAthletic
    1 Nov 2015
    USA Rugby today announced a partnership with BridgeAthletic ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Maggie Alphonsi Blog: What Makes a World Champion?
    27 Oct 2015
    After the controversies of the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals and refereeing ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Beware, Jets: Patriots racking up huge numbers on revenge tour 2.0
    21 Oct 2015
    Ten things to know about the New England Patriots, the New York Jets' ne ... [read more]
  • [The Parents' Portal] Youth hockey brain imaging study suggests early marker for concussion damage
    21 Oct 2015
    James Hudziak, M.D., has two children who love ice hockey. His son ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] Mike Petri Blog: US Eagles didn't win at the RWC, but we did make memories for all
    15 Oct 2015
    Walking away – or flying, actually, as I’m writing this on ... [read more]
  • [Rugby] Mike Petri Blog: US Eagles didn't win at the RWC, but we did make memories for all
    15 Oct 2015
    Walking away – or flying, actually, as I’m writing this on the plane home – ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] Week 5: Haves and Have-Nots
    15 Oct 2015
    The 2015 NFL season is shaping up to be one of the weirdest in recent me ... [read more]
  • [Squash] US Open Qtrs Shakeup: Tayeb Outlasts (1) El Welily
    15 Oct 2015
    The US Open in Philadelphia has produced a number of surprises thus far, p ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Sohby & Ashour Win NetSuite Open Titles
    2 Oct 2015
    Team USA’s Amanda Sobhy won the first PSA title her first season as a full ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Clutch Djokovic clinches second US Open crown
    30 Sep 2015
    By Ashley Marshall Sunday, September 13, 2015 WHAT HAPPENED: World No. 1 ... [read more]
  • [Squash] UBsports Scores with Live Video Deals!
    25 Sep 2015
    Over the past week, UBsports has scored big with two Live Streaming Agreem ... [read more]
  • [Nutrition] Hydration
    22 Sep 2015
    Did you know that only 2-3% body weight loss from sweat can cause decre ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] One Days Work
    22 Sep 2015
    Sailing is an extremely enjoyable hobby or sport for a wide audience around ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] NFL Week 2 Wrap: Undefeated Cowboys Feeling Anything But
    21 Sep 2015
    The Cowboys moved on from DeMarco Murray this offseason with the idea th ... [read more]
  • [Football (US)] After Weekend 2 of the 2015 NFL Season...
    21 Sep 2015
    It’s a mere two weeks and only 31 regular-season games as we wait on the ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] The Rugby Athlete at Home
    16 Sep 2015
    Being an athlete is hard, challenging, stressful work, espe ... [read more]
  • [USA Rugby Players Portal] The State of American Rugby
    14 Sep 2015
    October will welcome the 2015 Men's XVs Rugby World Cup, wh ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Germany break Scotland's hearts in Euro 2016 qualifying
    7 Sep 2015
    They made hard work of it at Hampden Park, but the world champions are bac ... [read more]
  • [USTA Players Portal] Anderson (15 seed) Upsets Murray (3 seed)
    7 Sep 2015
    Courtesy ESPN: NEW YORK -- No. 3 seed Andy Murray ended his Gr ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Anderson (15 seed) Upsets Murray (3 seed)
    7 Sep 2015
    Courtesy ESPN): NEW YORK -- No. 3 seed Andy Murray ended his Grand Slam ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Pro Soccer continues...
    20 Aug 2015
    Amazing soccer is continuing right through the summer, within the various l ... [read more]
  • [Badminton] The Badminton World Championships in Jakarta...Wow.
    19 Aug 2015
    Badminton at the top of the game is just incredible. This year's Worlds ... [read more]
  • [UBsports Staff Portal] Welcome to the Ubsports Staff Portal!
    4 Aug 2015
    Hey Staff! We are going to use this portal for communication, loadi ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Wilson Cup 2015
    25 Jul 2015
    The 2015 WDSA (Womens Doubles Squash Association) Wilson Cup, played in Sou ... [read more]
  • [Squash] The Wilson Cup webcast from Sunny Southampton
    25 Jul 2015
  • [Squash] WDSA Squash HERE NOW
    24 Jul 2015
  • [Tennis] It's Time to Appreciate Serena Williams' Greatness
    13 Jul 2015
    By Christopher Clarey, NY Times WIMBLEDON, England — In a throwback mov ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Big Week for Golf
    13 Jul 2015
    This is a one of the biggest weeks for golf, with "The Open" (otherw ... [read more]
  • [Golf Players Portal] Tee Times for First Round of 144th British Open Announced
    13 Jul 2015
    Jordan Spieth's quest for a third consecutive major will begin at 9:33 a.m. ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Djokovic defeats Roger Federer in Wimbledon Final
    13 Jul 2015
    By Matt Trollope When the predictions and previews emerge ahead of a Nov ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] First of New Guard Arrives on Centre Court!
    9 Jul 2015
    In our last blog we spoke of the New Guard, pro tennis' younger generation ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Tennis' New Guard Knocking on The Door...
    7 Jul 2015
    No one is talking about it, but it's getting more and more clear: The Old ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] US Women's Team in World Cup Final!
    1 Jul 2015
    (NY Times) Relying on a bit of luck and a lot of grit, the United States n ... [read more]
  • [USTA Players Portal] Serena captures #20,
    29 Jun 2015
    Another major title, and another step closer towards greatest-ev ... [read more]
  • [Cleo] Cleo completes BIRW on the Learning Curve
    27 Jun 2015
    We came into Block Island Race Week not hoping to win it, but to come bac ... [read more]
  • [Cleo] Cleo at Block Island Race Week!
    25 Jun 2015
    This week we're at Block Island Race Week. Check out the Sailing portal to see some great videos from BIRW 15
  • [Sailing] Block Island Race Week Over the Hump
    25 Jun 2015
    We're entering Day 4 of Block Island Race Week. Thus far it's been a memorab ... [read more]
  • [Sailing] Block Island Race Week 2015
    21 Jun 2015
    This is the first entry in the UBsports Sailing Portal. It's appropriate tha ... [read more]
  • [Squash] UK Exilies former World Champion Cassie Jackman
    20 Jun 2015
    Cassie Jackman playing a shot against Nicol David during their World Women ... [read more]
  • [Badminton] Big Times for Badminton
    17 Jun 2015
    Seems like Badminton is busting out all over the Globe this month! Plea ... [read more]
  • [Sports Medicine] Lacrosse Injury Prevention & Conditioning
    7 Jun 2015
    1g ... [read more]
  • [Sports Medicine] Running in the Heat and Heat illness
    7 Jun 2015 Good info for runners who run rain or shine an often in very warm temperatures
  • [Sports Medicine]
    7 Jun 2015
  • [Ice Hockey] Stanley Cup meetings decided
    31 May 2015
    After a pair of 7 game series, the Stanley Cup series will start this w ... [read more]
  • [Ice Hockey] Eastern Conf. Showdown Looms
    29 May 2015
    NEW YORK -- The New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning will decide th ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] NHL Regional Finals Tiebreaker Game Friday!
    28 May 2015
    There's going to be a rumble at MSG on Friday. And depending on whi ... [read more]
  • [USA Badminton Players Portal] Badminton Portal Launched!
    22 May 2015
    Today's Big News is that UBsports and USA Badminton ar ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] ALERT! (Weds. 10:45 PM) Rangers Lightning Tied 5-5 to OT
    20 May 2015
    In case you're not watching the Rangers / Lightning game, GO TO WNBC ... [read more]
  • [Wellness] TED Talk-Play Games instead of Physical Therapy?
    19 May 2015
    Cosmin Mihaiu, a self-professed "software geek" has invented a program th ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Rangers Take Game 1 of Eastern Regional Series
    18 May 2015
    NEW YORK (Courtesy Dominic Moore broke a tie with 2:25 re ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Anderson, Anaheim defeat Blackhawks in Western Conf. Game 1
    18 May 2015
    ANAHEIM -- (Courtesy The Anaheim Ducks are unbeaten in t ... [read more]
  • [USTA Players Portal] Djokovic lucky to survive Rome opener
    12 May 2015
    For a while there, it looked as if Novak Djokovic had come to Ro ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Fuzzy Yellow Balls tip of the day: Serve + 1
    11 May 2015
    Our friends at Fuzzy Yellow Balls have a new video about a new way to think ... [read more]
  • [Golf] Bleacher Report Players Championship Preview
    4 May 2015
    The Players Championship is often referred to as the year's fifth major due t ... [read more]
  • [Futsal] Futsal launched! Need Ambassador!
    1 May 2015
    Hey Futsal person! Do you love Futsal, almost as much, or even more than s ... [read more]
  • [Meditation] We need a Meditation Guru
    30 Apr 2015
    This is the Blog for Meditation. Now we have to say, this may not be t ... [read more]
  • [Lacrosse] North Carolina moving on from Notre Dame loss, ready for ACC tournament
    23 Apr 2015
    John McCann | The Herald-Sun Last Updated - Apr 23, 2015 14:07 EDT Cont ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Seabrook, Blackhawks need 3 Overtime Periods to Beat Predators
    22 Apr 2015
    From Scott Powers, ESPN CHICAGO -- Whenever Chicago Blackhawks defe ... [read more]
  • [Swimming] Welcome!
    12 Apr 2015
    Welcome to the Swimming Portal! Feel free to check out our technique vide ... [read more]
  • [Squash] El Gouna Quarters coming today
    8 Apr 2015
    Daryl Selby starred as an English quartet marched into the quarterfinals of ... [read more]
  • [Squash] El Gouna already taking its toll
    7 Apr 2015
    Egyptian four-time World Champion Amr Shabana suffered a shock first round ... [read more]
  • [Golf] 10 to Watch at the Masters by T.J. Auclair
    7 Apr 2015
    Published: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 | 10:10 a.m. Finally. It's here -- the se ... [read more]
  • [ThinkSMART! Concussion Management Program] Welcome to ThinkSmart Concussion Management Program
    3 Apr 2015
    St. Charles established ThinkSMART!™ in August 20 ... [read more]
  • [USTA Florida] The Miami Open: Pros in our backyard
    25 Mar 2015
    The Miami Open is here! The Qualifiers are almost finished, and the m ... [read more]
  • [USTA Florida] Miami Open First Round starts today
    25 Mar 2015
    It's time for the qualifiers to be matched up with the top players: H ... [read more]
    24 Mar 2015
    Welcome to the Ultimate Tennis Portal for Players and Coaches in ... [read more]
  • [Arthur Allen Tennis Center Cambier Park FL] In Full Fight
    24 Mar 2015
    SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015 /by STEVE TIGNOR Simona Halep and Nov ... [read more]
  • [USTA Florida] In Full Fight
    24 Mar 2015
    SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015 /by STEVE TIGNOR TAGS:Jelena JankovicNovak Djo ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] In Full Fight: Indian Wells Recap
    24 Mar 2015
    SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015 /by STEVE TIGNOR TAGS:Jelena JankovicNovak Djokovic ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] SB Nation Overview of the Big 12
    21 Mar 2015
    Come see the New NCAA Tournament Video from SB Nation: What's up (d ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] SB Nation Bracket Overview
    18 Mar 2015
    The new highlight reel for UBsportsLIVE is the Bleacher Report NCAA Bracket overview. Worth a watch. UB Amazing!
  • [The UBUniverse] March Madness 2015 5 minute a 10 year old.
    17 Mar 2015
    We found a seemingly informed synopsis of the midwest bracket of the ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] March Madness 2015 5 minute a 10 year old.
    17 Mar 2015
    We found a seemingly informed synopsis of the midwest bracket of the ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] March Craziness!
    6 Mar 2015
    It's been a great and crazy winter. The right teams are winning in ... [read more]
  • [Lacrosse] No. 1 Maryland Not Silenced by UMBC GK's 17 Saves
    5 Mar 2015
    LAXPOWER.COM, March 4, 2015 COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Junior midfielder Taylor ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Spring Sports Itching to begin!
    3 Mar 2015
    Man when I was in high school, come March, we went out with shovels ... [read more]
  • [Southampton High Athletic Dept.] Hey Mariners!
    3 Mar 2015
    Hey Mariners! Southampton High School has a new soc ... [read more]
  • [Tennis] Returning Serve: Which Tactic when?
    2 Mar 2015
    Return and serve have the same importance in game. If you can’t retu ... [read more]
  • [WSDA - Womens Squash Doubles Assn. Pro Tour] Dana Betts And Steph Hewitt Capture St. Louis Open By Rob Dinerman
    2 Mar 2015
    WDSA Update: Dana Betts And Steph Hewitt Capture St. Louis Open By Rob ... [read more]
  • [WSDA - Womens Squash Doubles Assn. Pro Tour] The New WDSA Portal on UBsports!
    12 Feb 2015
    Welcome to the NEW UBsports Portal for the Women's (Professional) Doubles ... [read more]
  • [Pilates] Pilates on UBsports!
    11 Feb 2015
    Pilates has just arrived on UBsports! What is Pilates? Pilates is a me ... [read more]
  • [The UBUniverse] Super Bowl Over, What's next?
    9 Feb 2015
    The Patriots won the Super bowl! Talk about an exciting game! ... [read more]
  • [Hofstra Athletic Training] New Group for HU ATEP
    6 Feb 2015
    Hey everyone, This is a work in progress, stay tuned for new information and updated features.
  • [TRX] TRX Central on UBsports is now OPEN!
    4 Feb 2015
    We have just launched the TRX SPortsPortal on UBsports! We will continue to a ... [read more]
  • [Wellness] "Wellness" has opened: We need ambassadors.
    1 Feb 2015
    Hey U! We need to build Portals for the various components and disciplin ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] Basketball Portal is launched!
    29 Jan 2015
    We're going to have Jeff Aubry, the former NBA D League player from Puerto Rico, running this portal!
  • [Squash] The WDSA Turner Cup has begun!
    23 Jan 2015
    The WDSA Turner Cup was a smashing success, with Qualifiers Natalie Grainge ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Tournament of Champions Living up to Expectations
    21 Jan 2015
    Matthew vs. Roesner and Gaultier-Rodriguez Weds. night, and that's just the ... [read more]
  • [EATA HOME] National Council on Youth Sports Safety
    20 Jan 2015
    UBsports has just been recognized by the National Council on Youth Sports Saf ... [read more]
  • [Basketball] SO...You like Basketball?
    8 Jan 2015
    SO...You like basketball? WE do too! Our NBA and Olympic stars have b ... [read more]
  • [Soccer / Futbol] Soccer Portal Needs New Ambassador!
    21 Dec 2014
    Who is the best soccer player you know? Are they Web-savvy, and can they w ... [read more]
  • [Golf] We Need an Ambassador for the Golf Portal!
    17 Dec 2014
    The Golf SportsPortal has finally been launched, and now we are loading our c ... [read more]
  • [EATA HOME] Good to go!!
    17 Dec 2014
    We finally have the UBsports Training Room tool ready for public use!! H ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Qatar World Championship Final Roundup
    12 Dec 2014
  • [The UBUniverse] The NEW UBsports LIVE Network
    9 Dec 2014
    Hey, thanks for being one of the first UBsports members to witness t ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Women's Worlds on NOW
    4 Dec 2014
    The Women's World Championships at the White Oaks Resort & Spa in Canada is ... [read more]
  • [Squash] News from the Squash World
    24 Nov 2014
  • [Squash] Watch the WDSA Philly Open Right HERE
    3 Oct 2014
    Here is the WDSA Philadelphia Open, being Webcast LIVE at the Philadelphia Country Club, by UBsports!
  • [Football (US)] Belichick's Pats Dolphins Roundup
    17 Sep 2014
    (Courtesy ESPN) FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Bill Belichick split up his plays of ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Getting ready for the season
    13 Aug 2014
    Well, it's the end of the summer, and we're starting to train for the season ... [read more]
  • [EATA HOME] New platform, new look
    24 Jun 2014
    Hello, We are in the midst of a major overhaul of the look and feel of UBspor ... [read more]
  • [z_to_be_removed] Start of Wednesday night racing
    20 May 2014
    Well, summer's here, in terms of Wednesday night racing! It's still brisk, ... [read more]
  • [EATA HOME] Welcome to the EATA Portal!
    1 Apr 2014
    Hello! You are among the first wave of Beta users for the new UBsports Portal ... [read more]
  • [Squash] Shakeup in the family order at Nationals!
    14 Mar 2014
    To me, it was just a matter of time. At the US Nationals last weekend ... [read more]

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  • Cinderella Story? With 55 seconds left in the Gold Medal Game, Russia tied the Gold medal game at 3-3, with a shorthanded goal: Can the Germans' Cinderella Story come true in OT? Go to NBC Sports Network to watch!
  • USA Womens Hockey Wins Gold in Triple Overtime! Go to and watch the replays. After being Down 2-1 late in the 3rd, USA Ties at 2-2: Lamoreaux Scores unanswered in 3rd OT to win GOLD
  • Winter sports have spilled over to the late spring, and then there's soccer, the spring sports and golf. Great time to get your sports life online at UBsports!
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